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Montréal, le 15 avril 2021 – Le gouvernement du Québec a annoncé hier l’entrée en vigueur d’un nouvel arrêté du ministre de la Santé et des Services sociaux en date du 14 avril 2021. Ce dernier remplace l’arrêté du 11 avril 2021 et modifie certaines exigences liées au port du couvre-visage lors de la pratique du tennis.

En effet, le nouvel arrêté mentionne que dans un contexte de pratique sportive :

un couvre-visage doit être porté par toute personne en tout temps et pour la durée complète de toute activité de loisir ou de sport, sauf dans les cas suivants : (…)

  1. e) si les personnes participant à l’activité ne s’approchent jamais à deux mètres les unes des autres.

Ainsi, les joueurs et joueuses qui pratiquent le tennis en simple sont maintenant exemptés de la nécessité de porter le couvre-visage pendant le jeu. Tennis Québec tient toutefois à rappeler à tous et toutes que cette exemption n’est octroyée qu’en fonction d’un engagement strict des participants n’occupant pas la même résidence à toujours conserver une distance minimale de deux mètres avec les autres joueurs ou joueuses.

Les autres mesures diffusées par Tennis Québec en date du 14 avril 2021 sont toujours validesPour connaître tous les détails des mesures en place en fonction du palier d’alerte dans votre région, veuillez consulter nos lignes directrices.




Montreal, April 15th, 2021 – The Quebec Government announced yesterday the coming into force of a new order (French only) from the Minister of Health and Social Services dated April 14th, 2021. The latter replaces April 11 order and modifies certain requirements related to the wearing of face-cover when playing tennis outdoors.

The new order stipulates that in the context of a sporting activity being practised :

un couvre-visage doit être porté par toute personne en tout temps et pour la durée complète de toute activité de loisir ou de sport, sauf dans les cas suivants : (…)

  1. e) si les personnes participant à l’activité ne s’approchent jamais à deux mètres les unes des autres

Accordingly, participants who play tennis in singles are now exempt from the requirement to wear a face-cover while playing. Tennis Québec reminds everyone that this exemption is only granted on the basis of a strict commitment by participants not living at the same address to always maintain a distance of at least two metres from other players.

All the other measures published by Tennis Québec on April 14th, 2021 remains in place. For full details of the measures in place according to the alert level in your region, please consult our guidelines.

We ask people to arrive a maximum of 10 minutes before their playing time and to leave immediately after playing time.

Together, let's follow the instructions to keep the privilege of being open !

The Complexe Sportif Longueuil team is very happy to welcome you !


Update march 26th, 2021
Subject to change without notice

To ensure everyone's health and safety, here are the instructions to be followed by our customers:

For all users of the Complexe Sportif Longueuil

  • Wearing a single-use or washable face cover is mandatory for anyone aged 10 and over inside the Longueuil Sports Complex and must be worn at all times when you move around the building, and during the activity.
  • Maintain social distancing of at least 2 meters inside the building
  • The player must disinfect their hands before entering the entrance door to the reception area
  • Although several hand sanitizer stations are installed in the Complex, it is the player's responsibility to ensure that they have hand sanitizer with them.
  • The player should not be present at the scene if they are experiencing symptoms similar to COVID-19
  • Prioritize the filling of gourds at home, if this is not possible water fountains are available
  • Changing rooms, showers and sauna are closed. The toilets are accessible
  • Notify the management of Complexe Sportif Longueuil if a case of COVID-19 occurs among the players who have used our facilities.
  • The viewers are prohibited

For tennis and other racket sports players

  • Tennis and badminton are allowed in free practice in singles only (one on one)
  • Duplicate practice is not permitted, except if the four participants come from a family bubble and live at the same address;
  • For squash and raquetball, if the 2 players do not live at the same address, the 2-meter distance must be respected at all times. Free practice only, no game
  • The player must go through reception and "scan" their access card on the reader. This allows the Complex, among other things, to keep the register of customers present in the event of contamination.
  • Arrive at the Complexe Sportif Longueuil a maximum of 10 minutes before your playing time and leave the premises as soon as your playing time is over


  • In order to limit crossings on the courts, those who end their playing time must complete their point and start stowing their effects at the sound of the first bell at XX: 55 and leave the field BEFORE XX: 00. Entrance to the grounds is at XX: 00. In badminton, racquetball and squash, entry is at XX: 30 and the last point and collection of personal effects is at XX: 25 for leaving the field BEFORE XX: 30
  • Wash / sterilize your hands before, during and after your game
  • Use your racquet or feet to push the curtain / door that leads to the tennis court.
  • Place your personal effects (bag, towel, water bottle, etc.) at least two meters from those of other participants


For private and group lessons, leagues and organized games supervised by coaches (RACKET SPORTS)

  • Supervised group activities (internship, courses or lessons, leagues, camps, etc.) are not authorized;
  • Private lessons are allowed
  • Competitions, organized games and spectators are prohibited;


For hockey players

  • Team sports games are not allowed
  • Friendly hockey leagues will therefore be prohibited.
  • Sport-hockey studies and concentrations are authorized, in organized practice or in training only, while respecting the strict application of distancing measures and the absence of contact between people (Only one stable class group allowed)

For RESTO/BAR customers

  • RESTO – BAR CLOSED until further notice


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